Being Agatha by Anna Pignataro

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When Agatha was born she had her father’s nose and her mother’s ears.
When her relatives get together, it’s clear that she doesn’t quite fit in.
And when she starts kinder, she realises just how different she is to everyone else…
Then one day Miss Tibble, the kinder teacher, tells her class that like a snowflake, everyone is special in their own way. Then she asks each child to tell her how they might be special.
Agatha cannot think of a single way she is special, so she sneaks away to hide.
When the whole class search for her, and are quite upset about her absence, she leaves her hiding spot. Then several students suggest why Agatha is special. And, in the end, everyone agrees that Agatha is the best at being Agatha!

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Meet the author, Anna Pignataro

Winner of the Crichton Award for Book Illustration, Anna Pignataro has created more than sixty books for children.  Her books are published internationally and translated into eleven different languages. Anna is also the author of a junior fiction series and creator of a wide and quirky range of greeting cards. When not painting and writing Anna enjoys fortune telling, reading, dancing, cooking, travelling and watching movies especially British mysteries. Her inspiration comes from the little everyday things and people she meets but her greatest inspiration is nature and she loves trees most of all. 

Through her work Anna hopes to inspire children to follow their dreams, imagine magic and believe that anything is possible.

Anna lives in Melbourne, Australia near the beach with her husband and daughter.

Often her backyard is visited by a family of ducks, a very special blackbird, and two little rabbits who hide in the herb garden.