Cheeky Monkey Manners - Please and Thankyou

Four cheeky books - Cheeky Monkey Manners - PLEASE, THANK YOU, TAKING TURNS & LISTENING!


There was a secret word that Cheeky Monkey needed to uncover. But where would he find it..?


There are some magic words that Cheeky Monkey needed to know. But where would he find them..?


Cheeky Monkey is excited about having his friends over to play. But his selfish ways aren’t appreciated. Can he learn some good manners before everyone leaves?


Cheeky Monkey can’t wait to get a treat at the store. But will he remember what other things he needs to buy?


It takes a village to raise a monkey, and the jungle animals certainly all play their part in helping this fun little character learn about life.

The Cheeky Monkey Manners books provide a fun way to discuss manners — what they are and when to use them.A fun way to discuss manners — what they are and when to use them.

Cheeky Monkey Manners is written by Lisa Kerr, an author, illustrator, artist and mother to 2 beautiful teenage children – Jessica and James – and a fluffy white dog called bonnie.

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