Kylie Howarth reads Chip

Now you can hear Chip, by Kylie Howarth amongst the range of stories on Story Time.

Chip, like most other gulls, is wild about chips. He likes fat chips, skinny chips, sandy or crunchy or soggy chips. But, most of all, he loves Joe’s chips from Joe’s Chip Van beside the sea.

Chip, like most other gulls, can be a little intrusive on his search for chips. So, one day, Joe erects a sign near his van warning people not to feed the seagulls. Chip is devastated, so he plans a way to get back into Joe’s good books, thus gaining access once more to his favourite food.

Will Chip succeed, or has he gone too far this time?

There is a special fold-out surprise in the middle of the book which the kids just love.

Meet Kylie...

Kylie has two adventurous young boys, 2 and 4 years of age. They spend a lot of time at the beach often holidaying in Margaret River and Rottnest Island. The boys help her quite a lot with writing and illustrating as after all the books are made for them.

The family loves painting, so Kylie and the boys create lots of interesting paintings and textures during backyard art sessions, which Kylie then scans into the computer and uses to create the textures in her illustrations.

Her books are for all ages! Kylie loves to make the stories fun and include little details that will appeal to the adults reading the books too. Kylie finds children begin to love Fish Jam (her first book) from 18 months when they can begin to say some of the sounds to approx 6 yrs. And Chip from about 2 years of age up to 7 or 8 years of age. Kylie describes her writing style as funny, clever and engaging.


Kylie says "I’m usually inspired to write stories based on the things that seem to really interest my children. My kids love fish and fishing, and I found there weren’t too many books available at the time about fish. They also loved music and going to music class, so I combined these two themes to come up with my first book Fish Jam. And Chip, well who doesn’t like chips! Most kids can relate to having had an experience involving chips and seagulls."

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