Fun-key Yoga for kids

Yoga! On the radio? Anything is possible on Little Rockers Radio.

SWITCH US ON daily at 2pm (AEST) for 10-minutes of fun-key yoga that's perfect for littlies (and their Mums and Dads too!)

Each day you and your little ones are taken on an amazing journey. It could be to the jungle, under the sea or high above the clouds. You will become part of the story as you do each of the poses. Perhaps you are a cobra, a giraffe or a timid mouse?

The poses for Monday-Friday can be downloaded below, but the real excitement is in listening to the instructions and doing the poses together.

In the Garden - download here

Sea - download here

Jungle - download here

In the Home - download here

Park - download here

Mother Nature - download here

Stormy Weather - download here

Little Friends - download here

Let's Play - download here

Beach Adventures - download here

A Wonderful Day - download here

Bush - download here

Jumping & Hopping - download here

Friends with Tails & Wings - download here

fun-key yoga is not like your normal yoga session!
It is animated, noisy and fun. But don’t be fooled, having fun is the key to learning new and wonderful experiences.

More information on fun-key yoga can be found here