George the Bilby Chef, by Jedda Robaard

Jedda is the author of a number of books including The Little Bird who lost his song, The Little Bear that lost her way, Milo and Millie and many more. We are pleased to feature Jedda's latest book, George the Bilby Chef on Little Rockers Radio, a book perfect for littlies from birth to 5.

George the Bilby Chef is a book about a bilby who had a passion for pastries. He loves to bake and any occasion is a reason for whipping up something yummy. So Betty the Echidnas Birthday is the perfect reason for a batch of raspberry muffins, her favourite thing!

Jeddda has been writing and illustraing for 6-years and is a proud mum of three children, two girls and one boy, who are all growing up very quickly! The Youngest is 17, the middle one is 20 and the eldest is 22! 

LRR: Why children’s books? How did you start?

Jedda: Before entering the publishing world I worked as a graphic designer but after spending so much time front of a computer screen, I decided to do a bit more ‘hands on’ work and started to get back into water colour illustration. I thought it would be a good to send out my folio to a few publishers and luckily it was noticed by Black Dog Books (now under walker Books Australia). I illustrated my first book ‘Rabbits Year’ in 2011 and it just grew from there.

LRR: How would you describe your writing/illustration style?

Jedda: Whimsical, with a hint of nostalgia. I grew up on Rolald Dahl, May Gibbs and Beatrix Potter, so I think I’ve morphed them all together…

LRR: What are the best bits about creating stories and writing for kids?

Jedda: I love the way one little event can spark an idea and that that idea can create a whole story. Whether it’s a memory from childhood or something someone says or a place you visit or new people you meet. You never know where your next story may come from.

LRR: Where do you write best?

Jedda: There’s no rhyme or reason, anywhere is good for me. Except for the painting part that’s best done indoors at my drawing table.

George the Bilby Chef is featured daily for the week 29.02.2016 through to 06.03.2016 at 11am and 5pm (AEST) and then at various times for Story Time.

You can find out more about Jedda here:

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