Gracie Goanna's Creative Activity of the WEEK!


Gracie just loves to make, paint, paste, rip, cut, tear, draw, fold, measure & pour!

She loves to get her hands dirty and make lots of fun things with her Mum & Dad. Each week we are featuring a great activity that you can do at home with your little ones.

Send in pictures of what you create (email or on Facebook) and you could WIN heaps of great PRIZES and have your art featured on the Little Rockers website!

Check in here each week for a new activity!



scented Play Dough Recipe - little rockers radio craft activities

Make Play Dough

A great way to fill your afternoon and keeps the kids occupied for hours!

We love this Neapolitan Coloured Play Dough!

Everything you will need is right HERE!


Tie my laces

Gracie Goanna is learning to tie her shoe laces - great for fine motor skill development and LOTS of fun to make!

Grab some cardboard (or thick paper), coloured paper, scissors, glue, a hole punch and some shoelaces!

We found this cool activity over on Instagram HERE.

If you make it with your little one make sure you share it with us. We would love to see it!

fine motor skill development - creative activities with little rockers radio


Creative Activities for Kids - Gross motor skills - zipper

Z is for Zip It Zipper Board!

The Zip It Zipper Board is fun, hands-on and engaging and children will exercise their fine motors skills while learning about the letter Z. The zippers open in the direction of how you would form or make the letter z when writing it on paper.

Another great, crafty, educational idea for little fingers!

All the details to help you make it can be found at Learning 4 Kids.

You could get craft and make a board for tying shoelaces too!

Creative Activities for Kids - Easter Bunny

Terra Cotta Pot - BUNNY BUTT

How unbelievably gorgeous is this Bunny Butt!?

Gracie Goanna is going to have a ball making this and giving it as gifts to family and friends this Easter.

It looks so good but is easy to make once you have everything you need and will probably need a trip to the craft shop for this one. Here's what you will need:

  • Terra Cotta Pot {any size!}

  • White Styrofoam Ball {slightly smaller than your terra cotta pot opening}

  • White/Pink Craft Felt

  • Hot Glue Gun

  • Green Easter Grass

  • Small Pink Pom Pom

  • Scissors

All the directions are here, thanks to Glued to my Crafts.


Creative activities - paper plate caterpillars

Paper Plate Caterpillars

We are in love with these paper plate caterpillars. The perfect art activity for kids who love the book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

You will need some paper plates or cup cake liners, paint, scissors, glue and a stapler.

All the directions can be found here, thanks to Glued To My Crafts.  


Creative Activities for kids - Making Rain

'R' is for Rain

This week Gracie Goanna is making Rain Clouds for her bedroom. Quite possibly dreaming of colder weather in Summer!

You will need blue paper, cotton wool balls, string, PVA craft glue, paint brushes (for applying glue), sticky tape and dark blue and light blue crepe paper.

All the directions to get started can be found at Learning 4 Kids.


Happy Valentines Day Activities 4 Kids

Valentines Day is just around the corner and Gracie Goanna is making lots of Valentines gifts for her friends and family.

Kids will love making sweet gifts for Mum and Dad this Valentines Day. Make heart paper chains, heart flowers, strawberry scented heart play dough and more! So sweet!

All the ideas and directions can be found over at our friends site Learning 4 Kids!



How to make Puffy Paint - Little Rockers Radio Craft Activities

Lets Make Puffy Paint

There is something magical about Puffy Paint and it is a must try for any child or toddler to paint and play with.

It is super easy to make with all the ingredients you need right in your pantry and after your child has finished painting, place it in the microwave for the magic to happen…….It is SO much FUN!!

Here's the recipe and directions.


Cardboard Roll Spiders

Craft Activities for Kids - How to make a cardboard spider - Halloween

Aaarrrgghh - it's a Spider.

This week Gracie Goanna is making Cardboard spiders and green insects too! She is having a ball scaring her friends and family with them.

You will need toilet rolls or cardboard rolls painted black, wiggly eyes, glue and pipe cleaners and you are ready to make you scary creations.

All the step by step instructions can be found at Learning 4 Kids.


Kids Craft Activities - Sandy Play Dough Recipe

Sandy Beach Play Dough Recipe

It's still Summer in Australia and many families would have been collecting sea shells...

This Sandy Play Dough Recipe is a great way to bring the beach home and is a wonderfully textured play dough that imitates beach sand.  

It looks and feels like beach sand.  Children will have hours of fun moulding, printing and shaping the play dough into sand castles and other beach themed creatures.

Here's how to make it. HAVE FUN!!

Kids Craft Activities - Sandy Play Dough - Little rockers radio
Kids Craft Activity - Minion Play Dough

Minion Play Dough Fun!

Gracie Goanna loves the Minion's and this week is making them from home made play dough!

If your little ones love the movies, they will love bringing the characters to life creatively.

Here's how to make them.

This page also has the recipe for Play Dough, so everything you need is at your fingertips.

Now you just need the movie and some popcorn!

Have fun!!




Kids Craft Activities - New Year Fireworks Painting

Painting Fireworks for New Years!

Now this is cool! Gracie Goanna is painting Fireworks for the New Year! You can too.

All the instructions can be found here.

What a great way to use all the old toilet rolls!!



Finger Painting Festive Lights

Kids Craft Activities - Finger Painting Festive Lights

Looking for a super easy Christmas or Festive painting activity for the kids to do? Finger Painting Festive Lights is really simple to set up and fun to make. Gracie Goanna is wrapping all of her presents in her own finger painting paper!

Kids can create their own patterns of coloured lights or finger paint the festive lights onto a card to give to someone at Christmas time.

The Finger Painting Festive Lights also look great as homemade wrapping paper!

Here's the detail on how to Do It Yourself.

Kids Craft Activities - Hand Print Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree

With under two weeks to go until Christmas we are super excited to be making lots of decorations for the home!

Gracie Goanna is having a ball making this Handprint Christmas Tree. Why not make it too and show us your pictures, either on Facebook or email them to us!

You will need:

  • Green & yellow Paint

  • Paint brush

  • A3 coloured card

  • Glue stick

  • Large sheet white paper

All the instructions can be found here, thanks to Learning 4 Kids!

Kids Craft Activities - Christmas Cards

Christmas Card Garland

Gracie Goanna is turning her old Christmas Cards into a fabulous Homemade Christmas decoration!

You can too! A Recycled Christmas Card Garland is an easy, inexpensive and creative way to bring the colours of Christmas and fun into your home this Christmas.

It's not Christmas if the kids don't make their own Christmas decorations after all!

Here's how you can make them, thanks to Learning 4 Kids.


Kids Craft Activities - Christmas Craft

Dancing Santa

It's Christmas so we are dedicating the next 4-weeks of craft activities to Christmas.

Gracie Goanna loves to dance so it makes perfect sense for her to make a Dancing Santa!

You will need a paper plate, small paper plate, red and black paint, split pins, PVA craft glue, sticky tape, scissors, cotton wool balls and a black marker pen

The printable for cutting out and all the instructions can be found at Learning 4 Kids here.


Kids Craft Activities - Making Umbrellas

Make Umbrella Art

This week Gracie Goanna is making Umbrella Art! 

It's heaps of fun and kids will have a ball creating different coloured umbrellas and rain drops!

You could even make little yellow suns and turn the umbrella for wet weather into a sun umbrella!

All the instructions can be found at Learning 4 Kids.

Have fun!


Kids Craft Activities - Umbrella Art

Make Coloured Crystals on a Stick

Kids Craft Activities - Make Sugar Crystals

Gracie Goanna will have a ball making these coloured crystals! She loves to get creative and make colourful things.

There's help needed in the kitchen with Mum or Dad for this one as there's hot liquid involved. And some patience too as you watch your crystals grow over a few days!

Here's how you can make it.


Make Music Together!

Kids Craft Activities - Tin Can Music Makers

We all know Gracie Goanna loves to sing and dance! She loves to make some musical sounds too.

Now you can join her by making these musical instruments at home, switching on Little Rockers Radio for some beats and bopping along! Shake, rattle & roll!

There's 3 instruments and 3 ways to make them each thanks to Learning4Kids here: Guitar, Tin Can Music, Den Den Drum!


Kids Craft Activities
Kids Craft Activities - Music Makers


This week Gracie Goanna is going to space!!

Kids Craft Activities - Space Play Dough

Gracie Goanna is rocketing to space and making Space Play Dough! Vroooommmm!

Space Play Dough is a recipe designed to create a type of play dough that imitates the space or the galaxy sky.  Dark black in colour mimicking the night sky with the gold glitter shimmers resembling the sparkling stars in outer space.

Hours of fun to be had moulding, sculpting and making shapes from space!

Here's the recipe!

Kids Craft Activities

This week Gracie is making Dinosaur Fossils

Dinosaur fossils are heaps of fun to make!

And there's lots of play after you have finished too. For all the details on how to make these fossils for hours of play fun visit Learning 4 Kids.

After you have made these you can step back in time with your little one and dig for dinosaur fossils in a sensory bin. What you will need is here.

Let us know how else you play with them.

Kids Craft Activities - Make Dinosaur Fossils
Kids Craft Activities - Make Dinosaur Fossils

The week Gracie is hunting for worms!

Gracie Goanna loves getting into the garden and frolicking around in her natural environment.

This is the perfect activity for outside and is great, with the use of tweezers, in helping to develop fine motor skills for your little ones. They will have a ball finding worms in this sensory play field!

Use the tweezers, count as you catch them and pop them in a jar!

Remember to send in pictures of your creative fun as we are giving away monthly prizes!

For all of the details on how to set this up, visit Learning 4 Kids.


This week Gracie is painting with flowers!

Do you have daisy's, gerberas or other flowers that are no longer fresh, but not quite ready for the bin? Use them for this craft activity!

All you need is coloured paints, paint pellets, paper and an activity table!

A great way to make special pictures, or wrapping paper for family birthdays or Christmas presents! The family will love it.

For more information visit Learning 4 Kids.

Here's some listeners art creations...