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Daily Programming (AEST)

Mornings with Milly Monkey (6am - 9am)

Playtime with Gracie Goanna (9am - 12pm)

Story Time daily at 11am

HUSH Lullabies (12pm - 1pm)

General music and fun (1pm - 4pm)

Fun-Key Yoga - 10-minutes of daily yoga for little ones (2pm)

Music from around the world - weekdays at 3pm - Italian, French, Mandarin, Spanish & German

After School with Jack the Wallaby (4pm - 5pm)

Story Time daily at 5pm

General music and fun (5pm - 6pm)

Bedtime with Tommy Kitten - including a bite size meditation (6pm - 7pm)

HUSH Overnight lullabies (7pm-6am)

What does it cost?

The Little Rockers Radio App is free to download!! We are dedicated to entertaining kids and supporting parents and carers at no cost.

Please note however that streaming does contribute to your data downloads.

We stream at 32kbps in order to keep the data usage for our listeners as low as possible. 32kbps = 14MB per hour. To give you an example, if you listened on average for 1 hour a day, over 5 days a week, over 4 weeks (totaling 20 hours) it would equate to approx. 280MB (or 0.2734GB). Most people have upwards of 500MB on their plans now.