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To all Humans who care for and are involved with children and teenagers, this is where you want to be.

We would like you to consider our series as a time to take a breath, tuck your parent guilt away and listen to some of those controversial and awkward parenting questions that need to be answered. If you have a question we will find an answer, you would like some advice we will find the expert, you want to share your human kind experience we will give you a platform.

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SEX EDUCATION: Talking to our children and teens about sex.

How do we talk to our children about sex?

Did you know the average age a child sees porn on the internet for the first time is 8-years-old! Yes, 8!

We caught up with Lael Stone from Birth, Sexuality and Parenting to try and navigate our way through this massive and oh-so-important topic.

Grab a cuppa, take a breathe and jump in with us.

The Internet, Social Media & Porn: Protecting our children.

In this interview with Luke Martin we continue to delve into the topic if sex education with a focus on how the internet and social media can affect our children's perceptions of what sex is. Watch and let us know your thoughts.

Our Special Needs Children: The importance of Connection and Integration

Natalie Roberts-Mazzeo is awe-inspiring.

This video is for the whole community, it may change perspectives, it may fill you with gratitude, it may fill you with, 'I can do better'. Natalie Roberts-Mazzeo is the founder of Miracle Mama, an online sanctuary that empowers and inspires mothers who are raising special needs children.

Starfish Nippers: Interview with so-founder Naomi Symington

HUMAN KIND at its best. Naomi Symington- Starfish Nippers Australia

You may or may not know Naomi Symington, but her impact on the disability/ special needs community has been enormous. She is the co-founder of Starfish Nippers and previously involved in the Special Olympics.

Special Needs Children & Starfish Nippers

Kerrie Curtis This is Kerrie Curtis at Starfish Nippers program at Hampton Life Saving Club.

Her joy, her connection, her commitment to Hampton lifesaving club and the Starfish Nippers program is infectious. She is quiet a character and her enthusiasm is abundant, put your feet up and head phones on and surround yourself in community commitment at its best, inspirational.

Sexual Abuse: Protecting our Children

It's a topic rarely spoken about. A topic many of us parents don't know how to approach, or what language to use. However, it's also a topic we need to talk to our children about, here's why... Globally, around 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys aged 0-18 experience some form of sexual abuse, physical or emotional.

ONLINE BULLYING! How do we tackle the online world as parents?

We caught up with Shona Innes, a clinical and forensic psychologist and the author of the BIG HUG series of books for children, to delve into her in depth knowledge on the effects (both positive and negative) of the online world for our growing children.

Raising the siblings of children with Special Needs

Inner strength, grace & love. 💕

Traits these amazing ladies all have in spades. Was lovely to catch up with them and talk about their children with special needs & their siblings.

So often the conversation is around children with special needs so we were interested to talk to them about how they raise their other children.

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Knowledge is power!

If we are aware of what's coming next we can be well equipped.

In Human+Kind Raising Good Humans we are covering the topics that are not always addressed in main stream media and parenting. They're the topics we start to worry about for our children as they grow. Sex Education, Online bullying, Sexual Abuse and children's protection, raising children with special needs, education and so much more!!! Don't miss an episode. Pop your details here and we will email you every time we release a new interview.