Mums Wellbeing

I practice a little bit of mindfulness every day, well when I remember, when I'm mindful enough to remember...

Or, when I'm yelling at the kids, "Hmmm, I wonder whether the neighbours heard that? I really should be more mindful..."

Jokes aside, I really do practice mindfulness every day. Just over 2-years ago I broke out in a rash from head to toe, it took me 6-months to clear it up and even now when I eat the wrong foods, or get a little too stressed or overtired it starts to come back. It's my reminder to slow down and take care of myself. As Mums we don't generally do this very well. We look after everyone else first, and if we have the time, then we look after ourselves.


I recently met Rhiannon from The Wellbeing Web and she spoke about the Wellbeing Cuppa. Trying to take just 5-minutes out of your day to stop, breathe and sip on a cup of tea (or coffee), instead of finishing your day with 6 cold cups lying around the house!

Here's 10 top tips for Mums from Rhiannon, The Wellbeing Web

  1. Value your Wellbeing. Choose to make feeling good a priority. Consistently check-in with, nurture and celebrate your wellbeing each and everyday.
  2. Gain Clarity. Explore and become clear on how you are really doing in all 5 dimensions of wellbeing. It’s a wonderful starting point that helps you identify which dimension most needs your attention.
  3. Be Present. Focus your time and energy in the present moment as much as possible (it can be so easy to get distracted). Be conscious about your little daily choices and make time to enjoy the everyday moments.
  4. Monitor your Self Talk. Be aware of the way you talk to yourself.  Are you talking to yourself with love and kindness? Be mindful of your inner-talk and check in regularly to ensure your tone is positive.
  5. Embrace Self Kindness. Being kind to yourself is essential. Treat yourself as you would a good friend and be self-compassionate whilst being on the journey of motherhood.
  6. Nurture your Relationships. As a mum, your social wellbeing is invaluable. Invest your love, time and energy in your most cherished and supportive relationships.
  7. Schedule Rest. Incorporate mini breaks into your day. For example; Carve out time to enjoy a cup of tea before you start the household chores.
  8. Play Everyday. Give yourself permission to play and make time for fun. Play is often undervalued but is such a precious gift to yourself and your family. Embrace light-heartedness.
  9. Start Positively. Begin your day with a PAP (Positive Action Plan). As soon as you wake, ask yourself these three questions… How do I want to feel today? What am I grateful for? What are my top 3 priorities? The PAP helps you to set the tone for your day.
  10. Forgive Quickly. Let go of mini mistakes and make better choices next time. Self-criticism is a waste of your precious time and energy. Celebrate and acknowledge the good in each day.

If you find you are hard on yourself, why not print this out and pop it on your fridge as a reminder to look after yourself too.