Gusto & Gecko - Travel to Kenya

At the 'One Fine Baby' show a few weeks ago I met Longy, a lady who has recently written, successfully crowdfunded and launched a picture book called The Curious Travels of Gusto & Gecko.

I really love what she is doing and her dream to inspire kids to travel and foster a better understanding of different cultures... and her willingness to give it a go much like myself. We don't necessarily know what we are doing at each point, but we guess and keep powering through. :-)

The Curious Travels of Gusto & Gecko was successfully crowdfunded last year. As part of the crowdfunding process, Longy also raised money for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation and committed to donating many books to children's hospitals around Australia.

Earlier in the month, she launched Gusto & Gecko Travel to Kenya at Dymocks bookstore and at Oakleigh Primary School. This book is now completely sold out! Massive congratulations Longy!!

The second book is set in New Orleans. Following the theme of giving back to the community, when you buy a book from her new campaign, she will donate a book to a child in need at children’s hospitals and the Pyjama Foundation, an organization that works with kids in foster care.

Longy's dream is to eradicate illiteracy. People say: “If your dream doesn’t scare you, it isn’t big enough” right?

If you would like to support Longy in her crowdfunding campaign for her second book click here.

About the Author
Lawyer by day, children's book writer by night.

Naturally curious and mildly adventurous, Longy has travelled independently across 7 continents, over 30 countries and 90 cities mostly on a shoestring budget.

She dreams of one day rocketing to the moon with a wardrobe full of pastries and playing fetch with her humongous, drooling, happy husky on a lunar crater.

To WIN one of four copies of Gusto & Gecko head over to the Little Rockers Radio Facebook page!