Why music is so good for kids

As adults music can make us feel a gamut of emotions from happy to sad and many places in-between.

The developmental, social and physical benefits of music for babies and children are well documented however, as a Mum you only have to watch your child's face light up when they hear music to know it is of great benefit.  

When young children are consistently engaged by music, in a an age appropriate manner they benefit in many ways:

  • Physically - by dancing, swaying, bopping and running around to music children improve their gross and fine motor skills.
  • Early Literacy - music at an early age allows children to start learning the sounds and meanings of words.
  • Social & Emotional - Dancing to music helps children to develop self expression.

Playing music in a nurturing, fun and safe environment definitely helps with children's early childhood development. As Mums we benefit too! It's so nice to see your child(ren) dancing, playing, singing and enjoying music.

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