Really? Are you serious?

These are the words I hear all the time when people ask me what I do.

"I run a radio station for kids!" is what I said tonight when I met the parents of my daughters new friend. "You run a radio station for kids! Really? Are you serious?"

Yep! I sure am!

You must have a background in music, or radio? "Nope" I say.

Today was one of the first times I was actually asked 'Why I do it?' and I have a strong reason why. A very strong reason! Most people think it's about the music. And to a degree it is. I love seeing the joy children get from listening to music, and the joy of parents seeing their children so happy. But it's really about so much more than music for kids.

I am passionate about kids physical health, about kids education, about kids mental health, resilience and happiness. I am very passionate about equipping children with the right tools today that will help them tomorrow.

I have only just started Little Rockers Radio however over the next few months to year you will notice the launch of a range of new programs that focus on physical and mental health and teaching children the tools now that will stay with them for life, to help them as they grow into happy and healthy adults.

Little Rockers Radio really is about entertainment and SUPPORT. Support for Mums, Dads, Carers and most of all those that matter to us most, our future, our little ones!

Many people also know I am very passionate about raising funds and awareness for SIDS & Kids and this will always be a focus for Little Rockers Radio too.

This is 'why' I do it. It's 'why' I love it. And it's 'why' I won't stop! :-)

Sarah xx