Meet Nataly, LRR's First Aid & Safety Expert

I was contacted by Nataly and recently met her over a cup of chai tea to talk about children's health and safety. Nataly is a real firecracker and so unbelievably passionate about Children's First Aid and Safety. I am pleased to have her as part of the team helping Mums, Dads, Grandparents and Carers to raise happy and healthy kids!

Here's what I had to ask her...

1. What are some of the most important safety considerations Mums and Dads should know?

WONDERWOMAN Children are big believers in the prevention of injury and creating safe environments. One of the biggest areas of safety that needs more awareness is how we provide a safe environment outside our homes and in specific our driveways. It is very important that we assess how we drive in and out of our family home, as statistics currently stand that 1 in four children are hit by the family car a week. Some things to consider when assessing your driveway, as recommended by the Safety Centre of The Royal Children's Hospital, is to ensure the driveway is separate from play areas and ensure safety procedures are in place when the driveway is in use.

We are looking forward to covering different subjects of safety on a regular basis for Little Rockers Radio and if you have anything specific you would like to discuss on our segment please send your suggestions in to Sarah at Little Rockers.

2. I assume First Aid classes should be for the whole family - Mum, Dad and the grandparents (if they are going to be regular babysitters)?

First Aid is essential for everyone! As a community it is important we band together to at least know some of the basics of first aid. The delivery of first aid procedures has significantly improved the chance of survival. It is also important that if you care for children that you attend a first aid class that is specific to children's needs as this will provide more familiarity into what can happen to children and provide you with the confidence to know what to do.

3. What are some common misconceptions when it comes to children's first aid and safety?

I do not believe their are many miconceptions when it comes to children's first aid safety, but more a lack of awareness time and resources.

There is also always the concern of financial commitment to attend courses which we all know as parents can be a difficulty that arises during parenting. It is important though that first aid is something that stay's important to your family values, and that you seek information regarding what to do by watching our free videos that will be launched and seeking support from us or other resources.

WONDERWOMAN Children have a vision to provide very affordable classes to the community and are always available to at least give you some basic guidance and information. With our partnership with Little Rockers we will also be answering any first aid questions through our regular interviews and blogs, and will assist you as much as we can. Of course nothing replaces attending a class, but any information and guidance is better than none at all!

4. You have spoken about your vision for WONDERWOMAN Children. Can you tell us more about your vision?

We have a huge vision for WONDERWOMAN Children, and that is to extend our educational services to a broad area of interest for anyone caring for a child, whether it be a parent, family members or even child care educators and nannies!

The education centre will be set up as a social enterprise organisation where the education and courses are charged at a cost and the profit created will be put back into the business and facilitate a community outreach program that provides free education to parents and families that would not be able to afford such information.

This is a passion of mine because during the course of providing education as a sole trader the organisation has been contacted by multiple parents wanting to learn lifesaving skills, do parenting classes and evolve as a parent and a carer but unfortunately could not afford it. It was also communicated by parents that this information was hard to access from health professionals and they were experiencing limited support.

 This centre of education for parents, families and carers will proactively work in the community in setting the standards of support for individuals caring for children, including childcare centres and nannies to create safer environments.

To fund this vision we are launching a crowd funding project and would appreciate that in return for our supportive free resource of information that people spread the word. Our crowd funding project will launch in September and we ask everyone to join us by logging into and providing your contact details so we can keep up to date!

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Please note: the conversations with Nataly do not represent or replace the need for medical professional advice and the information shared is first aid and safety advice not medical.