Conversations with Nataly, Little Rockers Radio's First Aid & Safety Expert

Electronics around the home...

Today I started the first of many conversations with Nataly from WONDERWOMAN Children about children's health, safety and First Aid.

A listener asked: "I heard from a friend that a 3-year old girl put the iPhone charger (that was plugged in) into her mouth and died as a result. I'm concerned because I have two of them lying around the house and a 3-year old girl," this prompted us to base today's conversation on electronics around the home. It's part one of a two part conversation and next time we will be focusing on batteries, remotes, TV's, etc...

Take a listen here:


Here's some notes from Nataly on electrical safety - thanks Nataly!

If you have a question you would like to ask Nataly please email us and we will ask her in an upcoming conversation.

More information on WONDERWOMAN Children can be found here.

Please note: the conversations with Nataly do not represent or replace the need for medical professional advice and the information shared is first aid and safety advice not medical.