Meet Alison Reynolds, author The Littlest Bushranger

This week's Story Time features The Littlest Bushranger, a swashbuckling adventure based on author, Alison's own childhood when the backyard was her entire world.

Little Rockers Radio listeners can hear Alison reading the adventure daily at 11am and 5pm (AEST). Here's a little about Alison...

Allison's previous titles include The Ranger in Danger series; A Year with Marmalade; A New Friend for Marmalade; The Why I Love series.

She is a parent of grown-up children with a revolving front door, always happy to welcome them home. She started writing when her children were small, and wrote during school hours. Even today she still feels as if the writing day should be over once it’s four o’clock! Having written all her life, long letters to friends and family, she began to write hoping to be published about twenty years ago.

"I love being a writer. I especially like getting out and about and meeting children. This is so rewarding.  I’ve got two new books coming out very soon, as part of the Pickle and Bree’s Guide to Good Deeds series, so I’m looking forward to sharing them with the world."

Little Rockers Radio: Why children’s books? How did you start?
Alison Reynolds: When I first started, I wrote for both children and adults, but my first acceptance was for a children’s chapter book. I’ve written for children ever since. I love the variety in children’s writing.

LRR: What age group are your books for?
AR: Newborn to adult. I’m lucky enough to have been able to write for a large range of age groups.

LRR: How would you describe your writing style? Lively and fun.

LRR: What are the best bits about creating stories and writing for kids?
AR: Kids are a wonderful audience. As a writer for children, you’re also given the chance to engage with children. If I’ve helped one child become a reader, then I’m happy. I can share my love of language and imagination with the world.

LRR: Where do the story ideas come from?
AR: Day-dreaming. Being part of the world. Things that have happened to me or other people, especially my family.

LRR: Where do you write best? Home, out and about, etc?
AR: I write at home, but if I’m stuck/bored I go to a nearby café or library.
My writing also seems to flow well at holiday places. A different environment really seems to energise me.

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