Remembering Dylan

Today I watched my 8-year old son play his first game of under 8’s football for the Bentleigh Demons. It was great to stand in the freezing cold and rain watching these young boys have fun and play their first game of football.

Today also marks 7-years since my nephew passed away at 16-months of age from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

While watching the under 8’s football I felt happy to see my son playing, and sad that others in my family cannot experience these simple pleasures that we so often take for granted.

The hope and dreams parents have for their children are shattered with the loss of a child. Obviously for parents the loss is extreme. Along with the parents the grandparents, brothers, sisters, friends, Aunties and Uncles also suffer.

When I started Little Rockers Radio it was for obvious reasons of providing entertainment to children.

But the bigger picture is far beyond this. I am passionate about raising happy & healthy children. Through Little Rockers Radio I hope to help educate children on the benefits of activities away from the screen, of looking after ourselves through physical activity, yoga, meditation, healthy living and healthy activities. Help children to develop and learn the skills at a young age that will help them right through life, giving them the knowledge and power to grow into strong, healthy, caring and giving adults.

From my heart, most of all I hope to use Little Rockers Radio to raise funds and awareness for SIDS & Kids.

This year I am working closely with the beautiful people at SIDS & Kids to help raise funds on Red Nose Day and we are together launching the Little Rockers RED NOSE Disco. A first of its kind, this fundraising event encourages Child Care Centre, kindergartens and schools across the country to host their own disco events within their centres and raise funds on Red Nose Day.  

Registration and more details can be found here. If you or your children are part of a Child Care Centre, Kindergarten or School (or even a workplace) I ask and encourage you to get involved in the Little Rockers RED NOSE Disco event, wear red noses, dance, have fun and help in saving the lives of babies and children during pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood and in supporting bereaved families. Funds raised through Red Nose Day activities assist SIDS and Kids in providing vital services and programs to the Australian community.