Dream Wonderland on Little Rockers Radio

Dream Wonderland on Little Rockers Radio

A world of magical music and sleepy time stories is coming to Little Rockers Radio this week.

Dream Wonderland books are created to calm and settle young children before drifting off to sleep.

Originally conceived as lullabies composed by Abigail Hatherley for her own children, now loved by children all over.

PRESS PLAY Monday 27th - Friday 1st December 2017 - 6.30pm to listen to Dream Wonderland

Who is Dream Wonderland?

Two Mums who met in Sydney. The original lullabies were written by Abigail Hatherley then Tracey came on board to help produce those, and suggested a series of books based on the lullaby characters Abigail created. "We have created new characters along the way and are co writing these. Abigail has even taught herself how to illustrate. We are doing everything, i.e. the website, marketing, coding the eBooks, narration, music, every little detail between us. We are both mothers and also work in other areas and on other projects so it’s a juggling act," says Tracey.

The main character Dreamer is either a boy or a girl. The two creators had to be careful whilst writing not to pigeonhole Dreamer with language, so that boys and girls can relate to the character in the way that they want to. Some think Dreamer is a girl, some a boy and that’s the way they like it!

How did they get together?

Abigail and Tracey worked together on documentary transcriptions in Sydney. Abigail told Tracey about her lullabies and asked her to have a listen. From there it grew to what it is now - a friendship and a lot of work! (with great reward). 

Abigail and Tracey are both mothers and are doing this for the mothers, fathers and carers out there who need a hand calming and settling children before sleep time. This is why they have a focus on audiobooks accompanied by Abigail’s music. The stories are adventurous but they take the child into the world of Dream Wonderland, then along for the ride with main characters Dreamer and Diddy towards an eventual safe return home to a deep sleep.


UK born and classically trained with a BA(Hons) in Music, and a Masters in Electro-Acoustic Music for Film and TV, Abigail has been working as a free-lance composer and music editor in Sydney, Australia, since 2001 after winning a Women in Film and Television mentorship for emerging female screen composers.

She has composed and produced music for many projects, most notably the original score for the feature film The Finished People, plus a range of documentaries, TV series, short films, promotional videos and advertisements, including the ABC documentaries Searching 4 Sandeep and series Family Confidential, and the SBS documentaries Bush School and Gough Whitlam: In His Own Words.

Mother of two, Abigail is the founder and composer for Dream Wonderland.


Tracey was raised in a small New Zealand town and spent many years in Wellington as a broadcaster and performer. She is an experienced Television Producer, Production Manager, and documentary film- maker. 

After spending the last 12 years travelling and working mostly out of Sydney, Australia, Tracey has returned to the NZ coast with her family. As well as working on various children’s entertainment and education products she continues her work in the documentary field and her transcription business across Australia and NZ as well as performance and voice work.

Mother to Audrey, Tracey is managing the sales and marketing for Dream Wonderland and writing the series of books along with Abigail.