5 Benefits of Reading to your Children Daily

Most of us relish the simple pleasure of curling up with a good book. Sharing this joyful experience with your child is a valuable way to get them on the path to loving books as well.

It’s never too early to start reading aloud to your children, and research shows that reading aloud daily can help boost your child’s learning power and set them up for success in life.

Here are five great benefits of reading to your kids every day:

1. Opportunity to share quality time together

Setting aside time every day to read together is a great way to bond over a much-loved story. When you explore new and favourite books by reading aloud, it fosters an emotional connection that allows your child to discover and appreciate the wonder that books can provide.

Reading to your Child

2. It helps to boost their brain power

Did you know that listening to stories read by mum or dad actually changes a child’s brain biologically? Research shows that when preschool children are frequently read to, their brain areas supporting comprehension and mental imagery are highly engaged. This then helps with the development of reading skills, such as word recognition, when they start to learn to read.


3. Reading to your children improves their self esteem

Reading together opens children up to new experiences, helps them to develop creative imagination and put themselves in other people’s shoes. Reading stories about new and challenging experiences, like the first day at school or a new baby in the family, can help to lessen a child’s anxiety. This can help them talk about their worries and make the transition easier. Essentially, reading to your kids can help boost their confidence.


4. Better language and communication skills

Research shows that one in five children starts school in Australia ‘developmentally vulnerable’ in at least one area such as language, cognitive skills or communication. Reading to them from an early age can help boost their learning power and emerging language skills. Discussing stories and learning new vocabulary helps children improve their communication skills.


5. Sets children up to enjoy books for pleasure

Kids who read for pleasure end up being better readers. To foster a genuine interest and love for reading, parents should celebrate book choice and variety, allowing kids to be adventurous with their selections. Make reading together fun by using different voices for each character to add interest and excitement.


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