5 reasons your kids should do Yoga

If you are an avid yoga participant you will already know the benefits of Yoga for both physical and mental health. The sense of calm and feeling of strength after a yoga class is undeniable. What I love about Yoga is you can do it in your own home and don’t need to attend classes. This makes it perfect for Mums to do, even if you only have 5 minutes here and there for the odd pose.

(Note: when I first started Yoga I felt slightly frustrated at the difficulty of trying to do and hold the poses… this definitely passes and it’s well worth the effort to get through it)

Have you thought about the benefits of yoga for kids too? Here’s 5 reasons your children should do Yoga too…

  1. It’s exercise. The more we can encourage our kids to be active the better. Introducing them to a full range of activities is great for letting them find what they love.
  2. Helps children learn to manage their emotions. Both yoga and meditation teach children breathing techniques at a basic level which is a great tool for children to use when they feel themselves getting worked up.
  3. Flexibility. The poses are great for flexibility for little ones and big ones.
  4. Focus. It teaches children to focus on the poses, to hold the poses and to breathe. This focus can carry through to other general settings.
  5. Calms their little minds. Yoga, along with meditation, are great for children to practice to help calm their little minds. I found it unbelievably helpful for my son who tends to be a ‘thinker.’

Above all, I truly believe introducing children to Yoga and Mindfulness at a young age gives them the tools to use throughout life, helping them grow into happy and healthy grown ups!

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