6 Halloween Songs for Kids that we love!

Trick or Treat… Halloween is coming!

A few years ago I completely shunned Halloween!

Why do we celebrate Halloween in Australia? Why should I waste my money getting the kids dressed up to knock on other peoples doors and ask for lollies?

BUT… I have to say I have converted a little. Why? My kids love it!

They love getting dressed up and I invest zero money - we need to make a suitable scary outfit out of what they have. Not hard really, as a lot of what they have is awful! (Did I really just write that!)

And the lollies, I let them have a few and then they mysteriously disappear - must be those Halloween ghosts! :)

Halloween Songs for Kids - Frightful Fun - ABC MUsic

My kids also love the Halloween songs! Yep, they do, and I’ve got to say, so do I!

Well, obviously I should, seeing how my entire life is now about kids music!

Halloween Songs for Kids - Halloween Night by The Mik Maks

So, here’s my Top 6 Halloween Songs for Kids.

  1. Giggle Fangs, Giggle & Hoot

  2. Do the Skeleton Skat, The Wiggles

  3. Spooksville, Juice Music

  4. The Batty Bat, Count & Ftatateeta & The Bats

  5. Problem: The Monster Remix feat. Will-I-Am, Hotel Transylvania Soundtrack

  6. Night of Halloween, just released by The Mik Maks.

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Tell us what are your favourite Halloween songs for kids? I would love to know so I can add them to the playlist!