6 Tips to help your baby sleep

6 Gentle and Natural tips to help your baby sleep

As parents many of us go through the same thing initially, when we are pregnant it’s all about the birth, with very little focus on what happens afterwards.

Then we get home with our new baby and, if you’re anything like me, we freak out a little! We’re tired, we’re sore, we’re overwhelmed and the thing we need the most of, we get the least of, SLEEP!

For many of us, or for me anyway, it becomes our new found focus… sleep!

Good sleep is on the agenda for nearly every parent in Australia. So I caught up with Laura at Snotty Noses to ask her for their top 6 gentle and natural tips to help our babies, and us, get a good nights sleep.

Interview: 6 Gentle and Natural Tips to help your baby sleep

Every family has their own parenting style, preference for routines, sleep schedules, ideas on self settling, wake up times, behaviour management and so on. The great thing about these tips is they are here to help all families as we look for calm and supportive ways to help our babies sleep.

Nothing is a magical fix, but with a calm focus and a commitment to consistency we hope these tips can help develop good sleep patterns for your baby and your family.

Here’s the summary! For more detail on each tip, please listen to the interview.

Baby Sleep Tip 1. Consider sleep aids.

We want to look for independent sleep aids to help our baby sleep. Put your baby to bed drowsy and tired, but still awake with a soft kiss and a gentle cuddle, so they learn the gift of sleep.

Baby Sleep Tip 2: All about light!

Keep the light low! Babies learn quickly the difference between day and night. It’s a good idea to have the curtains and shades closed to soften the light during the day, and a gentle night light for night time. You may even consider some cardboard, or block out blinds, to keep the light out during the day and early mornings, especially now it’s daylight savings.

Baby Sleep Tip 3: Keep the noise on!

No, we don’t mean a rock band! But sleep consultants acknowledge that babies and toddlers generally sleep better with white noise. (That’s why we have lullabies on Little Rockers Radio!)

Baby Sleep Tip 4: A comforter, blankie or cuddle toy!

As a newborn this can start with a sleep swaddle for safety. As your baby grows and it’s safe and appropriate for them, you can introduce a comforter. My son loved his comforter! As soon as he was in his bed, he would rub his face against the comforter and be off to sleep in no time.

Baby Sleep Tip 5: Air Quality!

Babies breathe primarily through their mouths, so a dry environment can cause waking. More research is emerging about the correlation between good sleep and humidified air. Cool mist humidifers often combine the benefits of humidified air with an ability to purify and ionise the air particles in the room, removing dust particles, allergens and more.

Baby Sleep Tip 6: Negative ions - the good guys!

Here we get a little scientific. Negative ions are the good guys and we want them in our environment. Ions can positively impact your child’s health and keep the air cleared of nasty particles. They can help children to sleep better as they normalise serotonin production in the brain. Negative ions can be generated by salt lamps or Vaporisers with a built in ioniser.

Extra points for you.

Don’t Stress:

Many parents worry about their child becoming addicted to independent sleep aids. Will they still need their blank at 21? Experts agree it’s highly unlikely!

Let it go when bub is sick!

There are always exceptions to all routines! When your baby is sick, teething, feeling poorly, travelling or out of normal routine, their ‘normal’ behaviours change. Follow your instinct!

Feel free to ignore everyone and do what’s right for you!

There’s is so many well meaning people that will give you advice. Listen to those you trust, take in what you need, and then do what’s right for you and your family.

Remember though, that the gift of sleep for your baby, is a gift of sleep for you too, and sleep is the cornerstone of a happy and healthy baby, toddler and family.

So, if you need help, ask for it! There’s plenty of services out there to help you.

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