A day in the life...

A day in the life with our family as a fly on the wall can only bring a smile to your face (or maybe tears through the humor of the kids or the craziness of our lives!)

Here is a 2 hour snap shot of our morning routine………

Wednesday morning…

6am: 8 week old Golden Retriever puppy (Sharon) crying and yelping in the laundry! I am awake time to play let me out. Drag myself out of bed quickly to avoid the boys waking and put her outside. Damn wasn’t quick enough. Number 1 son (7 years) wakes and is in our room like a bullet. What is it with him that he wakes up instantly, wants conversation and lots of questions answered at 6am in the morning? I have tried looking for the sleep in switch on him but he doesn’t seem to come with one!

6.10am: Number 2 son (5 years) arrives with ipad in hand climbs up on the bed and precedes to walk up the middle of the bed, bang a foot on my head. “Sorry Mummy,” he says! I guess at least he said sorry!

6.30am: The alarm goes off. (I always wonder why we set that alarm really – it would save on electricity costs over a 12-month period if we didn’t turn it on). Let’s face it with the arrival of kids the concept of an alarm clock waking you up is a thing of the past!

6.35am: All systems go. Morning routine of getting the 4 of us, (well 8 if you count the animals) ready for the day! (Husband and I tag team for the routine – he is an awesome help and a great Husband/Dad)
• Shower
• Breakfast
• Make lunches
• Feed the puppy
• Feed the dog
• Feed the chickens
• Clean the poo off the deck from where Sharon has messed everywhere
• Clean the chicken poo off your shoes from where you step in it when feeding them
• Get clothes out for the kids
• Ensure everything that needs to be at school for the day gets in the school bag and gets to school
• Pick up nerf gun bullets, kids toys, clothes, PJ and anything else that the robot vacuum cleaner isn’t a fan of and get out of the door into the car.

8.30am: Both kids at school and now get myself to work and switched on ready to go for the day.

It seems the work part, although very exciting for me, is the least crazy part of the day. Doesn’t matter how busy you get at work, something about becoming a Mum improves you as a worker. You work harder and smarter and achieve so much more in the time you are at work. I think things change when you become a Mum and I am not sure whether that is because you work part time and have lots to do in limited time so buckle down and get it done, or whether becoming a Mum suddenly gives you an amazing ability to multi task and you don’t even realize it transfers over to skills in the workplace.

Written by Allison. A hard working Mum of two boys and many pets!

Thanks Allison!