A letter to offer support to Mums in need…

My name is Darrielle,

I have been blessed with a beautiful daughter with special needs and one of the many wonderful things she has gifted me with is the realisation of a path to my new found passion.......

You may be telling yourself that based on the many challenges & responsibilities you have going on in your life, how could it be possible to feel happy?  Reality is, there is so much support & help available out there for our children.  But when it comes to us mums, there unfortunately isn't a lot, which can leave us feeling isolated, alone & depressed. 

We have tried so many different treatments & therapies for our daughter over the years, we have pushed what feels like every boundary possible when it came to her development & progression.

I was like a mad woman, desperate to help her in any way possible, I put myself last & completely forgot who I was which only left me feeling absolutely exhausted, burnt out & unmotivated...... which in turn made my family feel the same way.

The mother is usually the backbone of the family unit and whilst society is very focussed on supporting the child, the mother is just as important because when we thrive, our children and family thrives with us.

I have travelled the depths of the darkest places I could have ever imagined possible. The thing was, after living it for 5 long years, I realised that the longer I stayed in this headspace, the more I attracted it into my life, and something major absolutely HAD to change.  And so the process of owning and taking responsibility for my own life began. 

This meant no more running away from 'stuff' (emotions) that felt painful, no more being the victim and desperately hoping that someone will come and pull me out of the ruins and save me. I have been there and done that, and guess what?.... After what felt like an eternity, there was eventually one person who agreed to commit to helping me.... And that person was ME! 

You see we are truly the only ones capable to create a life of happiness and health. There are no magic pills or potions (Sure there are tools that will assist us along the way), but I have learnt that true everlasting healing can only come from within.  The more 'stuff' (emotions) we can release, the better we feel and the more our loved ones will thrive around us. 

It hasn’t been easy, however since a change in focus, I am absolutely blown away by the amazing changes that have occurred in my family's lives.... So much wonderful progression, positivity, happiness & support has made its way into our lives & we are finally feeling happy! In fact, the changes and breakthroughs have been so dramatic that they have bought me to a massive revelation.... And that revelation is - The best therapy you can honestly offer your child or children is to have a HAPPY MUM!! 

I am finally seeing the wonderful GIFTS in this journey and I hope to inspire other mums to jump in and start to FLIP their lives too.  We hear constantly that life was not meant to be spent in continual suffering, it is supposed to be full of happiness, love & health. 

So with this in mind I have created a movement to UPLIFT, EMPOWER & SUPPORT mums to find happiness, particularly mums with a child with special needs because this has been my journey that I have to share. 

So if you’re a mum feeling tired of constant suffering, and you are ready for a change in your life, or need support then I invite you to check out my community on Facebook & Instagram. (Website will be coming soon). 

I will be sharing my own personal journey & teaching life changing tools that I have learnt in my studies. 

I really look forward to connecting soon.

Darrielle Maree x

Mums Reborn

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Written by Darrielle Maree.

Darrielle is the founder of Mums Reborn, a movement to empower, uplift and support mums with a child with special needs. She is an Australian mother of 2 children (a son, 5 and a daughter, 7) who has journeyed from the depths of depression, trying desperately to help her daughter with her health, to recently finding happiness and joy in her life which has in turn helped her family to thrive. She mentors mums with knowledge from her recent studies and most importantly through sharing her own personal journey.

Darrielle prides herself on keeping a positive mindset and focuses on living in the present moment rather than dwelling on the past or feeling fearful of the future. She has learnt the importance of self-love in order to be the shining light for her children. Her daughter has gifted her with this amazing journey to find happiness and through this she found her purpose in life – to help other mums to stop suffering and to find happiness. Once we find this place, not only do we thrive, but our family does too! 

“My daughter is 7 years old, she was originally diagnosed at 2 years old with Autism. 1 year ago she was re-diagnosed with a genetic condition called Rett Syndrome. This condition affects her gross & fine motor skills, and her speech (she is non-verbal). Despite all of the challenges she has, none of these things affect her beautiful nature, she is such a high spirited, happy, smiley little girl and we feel so blessed to have her in our lives” :-)