Eight-year-old Elliott has just released his first album with Dad, Luke.

What a super cool collaboration!


Named after their Space-Chicken2000 time machine, Battlebird is manned by Lucky Luke (dad), his side-kick son The Kid (Elliott – 8yrs) and their trusty robot, DJ Scooter.

Battlebird has just set it’s dials for 2016, so buckle up and get ready to party like it’s 1979.

It’s the backstory to this collaboration that I love. When Elliot was 6 he was struggling with inherent shyness and dad Luke (who’d previously been in several bands and supported the Beastie Boys), found that creating music was the key to unlocking Elliott’s confidence.

“Elliott was struggling a little bit at his new school and I found it pretty heartbreaking. I had a feeling music may bring him out of his shell as it did for me when I was younger so we started goofing around in the garage writing music, making video clips on an iPhone and an old MacBook and before I knew it we’d pressed a handful of EP’s and performed live at the local Moruya Arts Festival (2015) in front of 200 people with Elliott’s classmates joining us on stage,” said Dad Luke.


Their new album, Life is Good, is out now. You can also switch on Little Rockers Radio to hear some of their cool tunes.


On the album:

  • Life Is Good
  • Gelati Party
  • Magic World
  • Battlebird Anthem
  • C'Mon C'Mon C'Mon
  • Counting Down The Ways
  • Battlebird Rock Yeah!
  • Bounce To The Beat
  • Space Chase
  • We're Not Alone
  • Wallagah Nights
  • This Room