Beyond the Little Star, a collection of short songs for 0-2s

Beyond the little star is the new album from Benny Time, and we just love it!

An album designed for the 0-2 yr olds!

We all know and love ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ but isn’t it time we moved Beyond The Little Star. This new album is made up of a collection of very short (1-2 minute) original tunes and is created for parents and children to learn and add to their exisiting armour of children’s classics.

"It was spawned from an idea I had about five years ago at the birth of my first child. My wife asked me to record some of the songs I was singing to her (which I knew from working in day care) as she didn't really know anything beyond twinkle twinkle little star (hence the name ‘Beyond the little star’). I recorded them on my phone and then several weeks later she asked if she could share it with her mothers group as they were all in the same boat."

Turns out that new parents don't know many nursery songs outside of the famous ones like Twinkle Twinkle. We certainly didn't, I was given a book of nursery rhymes not long after my son was born. 

This album IS for the zero - two’s and is a collection of 1 minute simple songs for people to learn and to sing to their kids. Doctors wait rooms, traffic jams, checkout cues, places when nursery rhymes come into their own. It's not necessarily designed to be put on left but rather to inspire mums and dads to sing to, and with, their kids.

Nursery rhymes play an important role in our children's language development. "Music assists in the development of speech," states Daniel Dwase, editor of online child development guide. "Singing nursery rhymes and simple songs teaches children how language is constructed and assists with the acquisition of language."

Here's what you will find on Beyond The Little Star:

  1. Sausages
  2. What Can You See
  3. Sleeping Bunnies
  4. Build It Up
  5. All The Grapes
  6. Here is The Beehive
  7. Two Little Bees in a Beehive
  8. Ram Sam Sam
  9. Now We're Walking
  10. I'm A Witch
  11. Soup
  12. Can You Hear the Breeze
  13. Skidamadink
  14. Little Tiny Worm
  15. Water
  16. Boats Boats Boats
  17. To The Shop
  18. Close Your Eyes

Listen out for all these short tunes on Little Rockers Radio...

My fave... What can you see with the beautiful Angie Who.

Love, love, love!

Find out more at Benny Time.