Introducing our Children to Technology : The Updated Guidelines

It's a fact of life - most children know how to use our iPads and iPhones better than we do!

I chat with Dr Joanne Orlando about the new guidelines for technology use for children. At what age can we start to introduce technology, what's appropriate for what age and instead of focusing on the negative - what are the benefits?

About Dr Joanne Orlando

Dr Orlando is a leading expert in the field of children and technology. In particular, her work focuses on the teaching, learning and social effects of children’s uses of technology.

Joanne has established an outstanding reputation as leader of public debate internationally, and her strength is making complex ideas simple and interesting. As a result, she is regularly sought out by government, technology organisations including Apple, telecommunications organisations, and the media to provide expert advice and commentary on children and technology.

Joanne has extensive expertise in media including many years writing and advising on children’s educational television program PlaySchool.

Joanne is based at the University of Western Sydney. With a PhD focusing on children and technology, Joanne is passionate about ensuring that every child has the capacity to reach his or her full potential in today’s techno-centric world.