Children & Grief: Interview

A significant loss of a father, mother, sibling or grandparents can affect a child's sense of security and trust.

I caught up with Aly Walsh, author of When I Left and I will Love you Now and Forever to ask why she wrote these books and how they can help families when talking to their children about loss and grief.

When I Left: Aly has experience in writing for children, but when it comes to When I Left, Aly has out-done herself. The book is written for children who have lost someone special in their life. Aly relates to children who are struggling with the loss of a close friend or family member by dedicating the book to her Nana, who passed away when she was five. By reliving her methods of coping with this loss and remembering the beautiful spirit of her Nana, Aly is able to comfortably handle this difficult subject matter in a way that children can understand. When I Left can help children dealing with loss, feel that their loved one is watching over them and keeping them safe and on the right path. Experience the rainbows, moon beams, and hugs that make this book a one-of-a-kind experience for children.

If you think this book may help you, please visit Aly's site here.


Grieving children need lots of support and reassurance. The Beyond Blue site has some great information for Parents and Carers, here's a glance taken from their site:

  • Children learn from adult behaviour and seek permission from adults.
  • Children often express their feelings through behaviour.
  • It is important to acknowledge changes that have happened in the family as a result of loss.
  • Grieving children still need to experience being children.
  • When talking to children about death, it is important to avoid using euphemisms such as 'sleeping forever' or 'left us...' as these phrases can cause confusion.
  • Meet with your child's teacher and let them know what's happened.

For more information on children and grief and helping a grieving child you can visit Beyond Blue.