The Poisons Information Line

The Poisons Information Line - 13 11 26

This week I chatted to our resident First Aid and safety expert, Nataly from Wonderwoman Children, about poisons around the house and the poisons information line.

I chose this weeks topic, as two weeks ago I found myself calling this line after my daughter was found with about 10 children's multi-vitamins in her mouth. I caught her and made her spit them out! What horrified me though was when I checked the bottle of 60 tablets that I had purchased 2-weeks earlier, and not really used, there was only 2 vitamins left. She had eaten 58 of them over the course of two weeks!

I hadn't bothered to check the bottle (which was up high in a cupboard) as I didn't think I needed to.

These were just general children's multi-vitamins, so nothing lethal. However I still called the line just to be sure as these particular tablets do contain iron and I was not sure about the safe levels for a 6-year old.

She was fine. I was upset! We eat a very wholesome diet full of wholefoods and lots of water, so I have since decided we don't really need to supplement.

When I delved into this topic a little more in preparation for my interview with Nataly I discovered that one of the most common poisons is actually paracetamol liquid. Others include cleaning products, perfumes, shampoos, batteries and plants.

You can take a listen to our conversation here...

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