Dance like no one is watching

Sometimes being stuck indoors, especially when you have little kids can feel like an eternity if you don’t have an arsenal of handy indoor family activities on hand ready to pull out at any time.

If you want to stop your little ones getting restless, the best way is to have a number of games or activities you can do as a family!

1. Bowling with the Family

Being stuck indoors gets you thinking about things you haven’t done in a while, and there’s a high chance bowling might be on that list! Getting the family together and heading down the bowling alley might be just what you need to get out of the funk the bad weather may have left you in.

You can even set up your own bowling alley at home - just grab some empty toilet rolls and a few plastic tennis balls and you are ready to go!

2. Dance Like No One is Watching

There are few things in life more fun than having a boogie with your little ones, in the safety of your own home. So get the video camera out and get started. Sarah Morrissey, the director of Little Rockers Radio, says this is a perfect indoor wet weekend activity:

“If you are not blessed with great weather and find yourself indoors, you can switch on Little Rockers Radio and have an impromptu daytime kiddy disco. When was the last time you danced with your kids like no-one is watching? Try it! You will love it. If you have eaten a few too many sweet treats over the holidays you will also love doing our short physical activities every 30-minutes with the kids too! Fun for them and you!”

3. Indoor Tent Time

“Build a tent in the lounge room with your kids using blankets and chairs. It doesn’t have to be too elaborate. Somehow everything you do under a tent is so much more fun! Once it’s set up you can do lots of things in there. Playing simple card games like Go Fish and Snap is always fun. If you have enough space you can break out the board games you hardly ever get a chance to play. And reading books together is always good.

If the tent is really small then you can just play talking games. Tell a story together where everyone contributes a sentence or even just a word at a time. It won’t take long before the story gets crazy and makes no sense at all, such an easy and enjoyable way to entertain everyone!” says Ruth Dearing from Children & Technology.

4. Work on a Green Project

Melissa from Living Fundraisers says it’s so easy to recycle your cans and turn them into something beautiful to brighten up your home or garden!

Wash and remove labels from your used cans then drill or nail and hammer drainage holes in the bottom.

Measure and cut your chosen fabrics or contact to fit around the cans.

Coat the cans in glue.

Stick your materials to the cans then trim the edges.

Add embellishments, ribbon or other decorations to your cans.

Plant your favourite flowers and herbs in your tin can planters then decorate your window sill, desk or garden. TIP: our flower pots will fit in a 400g can perfectly!

5. Go Back to Basics

If you’re truly stumped for ideas, why not think back to what you used to do as a kid if you couldn’t play outside? Before the world of cell phone, ipads, laptops and other gadgets, there was a lot more human interaction and simply enjoying time together. Bake together, play cards, play hide and seek, get crafty!


Republished with permission from MyDeal Blog. Read the full article here.