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Guess who has a new Album? … E-M-M-A!

Twirling and whirling our way through the day with Emma! 2.

We love all things wiggly, sunny, cheery and yellow at Little Rockers Radio . . . Sunflowers, Rubber Ducks, Bananas, Hi Vis Vests, Buttercups and Emma Wiggle!

We are so excited to announce the release of Emma Wiggle’s new album – Emma! 2 – NOW PLAYING on Little Rockers Radio!

Can I get a ‘woop woop’!!

Emma! 2 is the sequel to the perpetually popular Emma! Album released in 2015, and features some of the Yellow Wiggle’s “favourite songs" from her hit ABC TV show - Emma Series 2.

We love that Emma Wiggle’s new album considers language diversity, featuring songs in Greek, Japanese, Tamil, and Anindilyakwa, the language of Australia’s Warnindilyakwa people.

So, grab your tutu or your dancing shoes and get ready to sing along with some new wiggle-tastic tunes on Little Rockers Radio.

We love all of the Album’s 34 tracks. . . we can’t pick a favourite.

Do you have a favourite Emma! 2 song?

Emma! 2 Track List

1.       E-M-M-A Theme Song

2.       Emma’s Hello Song

3.       Time to Walk to the Garden

4.       To the Park We’ll Go with Our Bows

5.       Mia Oréa Petalútha

6.       Emma’s Garden Minuet

7.       Galumph Went the Little Green Frog

8.       The Blackbird

9.       Five Fingered Family (Anindilyakwa)

10.   Emma & Francisco Baila Salsa

11.   I Look in the Mirror

12.   Poesje Mauw

13.   Emma’s Bowmobile

14.   Samba Go, Go, Go!

15.   Johnny Put the Kettle On

16.   In Emma’s Dancing Room

17.   Gumboot Dance

18.   Butterfly Ballet

19.   Three Little Wrens

20.   Let’s Take a Plane Ride

21.   Ponies

22.   Emma’s Music Box

23.   Five Little Speckled Frogs

24.   Maranoa Lullaby

25.   Now’s the Time for Dressing Up (Astronaut)

26.   Walking on the Moon

27.   I’ve Got My Glasses On!

28.   Haru Ga Kita

29.   What’s in Emma’s Bow Bag?

30.   Let's Go and See (The Smiling Scientist)

31.   Sink or Float

32.   Emma Baila Baila!

33.   Five Fingered Family (Tamil)

34.   Emma’s Goodbye Reverence


Here’s to singing, skipping and pirouetting our way through the day with Bowtiful Emma Wiggle and Emma! 2.

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