Finding Balance in our tech obsessed world!

How often do we truly sit still?

If you’re a Mum with young kids of course your answer is NEVER!

However, I mean how often do we truly sit still, still with ourselves – without being in touch with our screen obsessed world? We are never far from a TV screen, a phone, a laptop, a tablet…

Most of us are screen obsessed at work, at home and out and about.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m one of those people. Yes, I can be seen on my phone at the park while the kids play, at the coffee shop while I down a long black.

Most of us we were brought up in a low-tech world (our days were filled with playing outside, jumping on pogo sticks, riding our bikes, singing into our hairbrushes in front of the mirror, recording our favourite songs from radio on our tape recorder), and we’re now high-tech parents trying to raise our children in a world where, like it or not, tech is at every angle and continues to develop in ways we can’t even imagine.

If we were brought up in a low-tech world and now, as adults, we're tech obsessed, what does that mean for our children?


The use of tech, coupled with a growing lack of activity is bad news for our children and the outcomes for our future generations are worrying. We may shrug it off but it's a concern, a big one!

It's this concern, and the need to do something about it, that is one of the driving forces behind Little Rockers Radio.

I believe we can find a happy medium when it comes to children and technology and awareness is key. Being aware of how technology, in this instance screen time, can affect our children is the first step. Implementing some strategies to help find a balance is the next step, and hopefully where Little Rockers Radio can help!

Firstly, too much screen time can have negative effects on our children’s posture leaving them with a range of neck and back issues as they grow, the more time spent on the screen means less time talking, communicating and developing critical language skills and studies are now starting to show connections between too much time on the screen and the development of mental health issues.

Enter, radio for kids as an alternative!

It’s not just about the music and how it gets kids bopping. It’s also about the yoga and meditation we air as well as the physical activity movements aired every 30-minutes, encouraging kids to get up and move. Movements that focus on developing gross motor skills.

Meditation on Little Rockers Radio

Happy Smile Little Meditations, which airs twice daily, takes children on a short 5-minute journey through bubbles, the garden or with fairies and gives children (and Mums) a chance to unwind and be guided by the voice of Lynette Carroll-Bolton.

Teaching children how to meditate and be mindful from a young age will help them to harness the power of their mind, calm their monkey minds and support healthy emotional development as they grow. I want my children to have these skills.

The benefits of yoga are similar, through the practice of yoga children learn to focus on their breathing and reap the benefits of movement, stretching and strengthening. The yoga we play on Little Rockers Radio, fun-key yoga, is developed specifically for children from 2 and up and is perfect to do at home with Mum, Dad or a carer.

Finally, our short Ready Steady Go Kids movement exercises, aired every 30-minutes, have been developed by the Occupational Therapist at Ready Steady Go Kids and focus on the development of children’s gross motor skills. These exercises help children develop the strength and skills to jump, kick, leap, squat and more. Seems like a simple thing, and it is, however the development of these skills is declining and we are falling behind where we were 30-years ago.

So why not switch on Little Rockers Radio to dance, have fun and try out our other healthy programming. Let’s help our kids grow into happy and healthy grown-ups with a good balance in their tech-central world!

Every 30-minutes (6am – 6pm): Ready Steady Go Kids Movement

2pm daily: fun-key yoga, 10-minutes of animated yoga fun

12pm and 6.30pm daily: Happy Smile Little Meditations