Heinz 'healthy' kids food... not so healthy!

The ACCC is taking Heinz to court over misleading labeling of their Heinz Little Kids products. Aimed at one to three-year-olds, these products are labeled as 99% fruit and vegetables however contain around 60% sugar.

I caught up with Monica Meldrum, founder of Whole Kids, to ask her if she was surprised when she heard this break in the news? We also chatted about food labeling laws in Australia, hidden additives, why the food regulations after children are 12-months of age are 'open to interpretation' and how Whole Kids are all about happy and healthy kids.

It was great to hear how Whole Kids are working towards 'unjunking' childrens lives with the #unjunkit campaign and lobbying government to make necessary changes to junk food advertising and targeting children. A cause very close to my heart too!

Take a listen here:

"It's a message to BIG companies that it's time to really clean products up!"

You can find out more about Whole Kids and order a sample pack at www.wholekids.com.au.