How I cured the symptoms of dust mite allergies for my kids!

My son, now 11-years old, went though hell in his first 12-months with eczema.

We had him in and out of hospital after he would scratch his head over night until his skin wept. In the end we found out the cause, soy allergy.

As he grew however he developed other allergies, mainly to dust mites. He would wake each morning with bags under is eyes and sneeze no less than 15-20 times. He would regularly get blood noses from scratching his itchy nose while sleeping.

After testing told us what the problem was, dust mites, we put mattress protectors on his bed. Fixed immediately!! Best thing we ever did!


So, when my daughter only recently started showing the same signs, itchy nose, sneezing in the mornings, red eyes after being in bed, we did the same thing. Mattress protectors from Protect-a-Bed. Again, problem solved! Thanks Protect-a-Bed.

Did you know that 30% of the population are allergic to dust mites? Me neither!

The guys at Protect-a-Bed have saved us. If you, or your family, have allergies to dust-mites it’s worth checking them out! I love these guys simply because they fixed our problem, but there’s some other reasons to love them too…

1. They’re approved by the by National Asthma Council Australia and single sized bed, cot and bassinet mattress protectors are Red Nose (SIDS and Kids) approved. Everyone who knows me knows of my very close and personal relationship with Red Nose.

2. If you have little ones and bed wetting is a problem, then this is your saviour, and will protect your mattresses. Their patented “Miracle Layer” is soft, comfortable, and waterproof. As you can tell from my video below, I wish I had this on sooner for this very reason!

3. You can get some cool stuff if you buy a mattress protector for you and your family from HERE (be quick - for a limited time only)

Spend $100 plus and receive a pack of T2 Sleep Tight Loose Leaf Herbal Tea valued at $17.00

Spend $250 plus and receive an Ecoya candle valued at $42.00

Spend $500 plus and receive a Protect-A-Bed Perfect Pillow valued at $69.99

PLUS, they’re also giving away a $1000 Flight Centre Gift Card (um, yes please). For your chance to win this simply visit: HERE.