How to Introduce Toddlers to Guitars

It’s never too early to stimulate young children to appreciate musical instruments.

From guitars to pianos, there is a suitable instrument out there that will interest and engage young children. Classical guitars are some of the most amazing and versatile instruments that anyone can play. It can help young kids in many ways, from improving self-confidence to building self-discipline. Guitar playing also enhances dexterity and strength of the hands in addition to serving as a creative form of expression for the child.

There are several ways to introduce toddlers and young people to the guitar. One is to expose them to guitar music pieces played on the radio. If parents know how to play the instrument, they should do so with their kids. Creating a lively song for children, however rudimentary, is also helpful. Children can be given guitar toys from an early age, so they can tinker with them and discover the different sounds of the guitar.

Once ready to buy a child’s first guitar, here is an article with helpful pointers on what to look for and consider when purchasing an instrument.

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Written by Sally, a member of a very musical family & content writer for Guitarfella. "Last year was a proud moment for us. We agreed to let our children decide for themselves if they wanted to learn an instrument or not, and last summer, both girls asked to learn the guitar."