How to keep your children safe from sexual abuse

Today Sarah from Little Rockers Radio caught up with Sandra Ifrah, a child and adolescent psychologist who is extremely passionate about educating parents and carers to keep children safe from sexual abuse. This can be a tough topic to think about, let alone speak about but I can not stress enough the importance of having these conversations with your children from a young age.

There's two elements to the education process - educating us parents as well as educating our children! Please take a listen to the full interview below, however here's a little of what we spoke about and my takeaways:

  • Roughly 1 in 5 children under the age of 18 globally are sexually abused.
  • More than 90% of offenders are known to children.
  • As parents we can look out for indicators of 'grooming' which takes place in many cases prior to any sexual abuse.
  • We can start having conversations with our children from as young as 3, and find teachable moments in our every day lives.
  • Use correct terminology for body parts.
  • Secrets - OK secrets, not OK secrets (that can make us feel a little funny in the tummy).
  • Have a Safety Plan (eg. 'NO'-'GO'-'TELL')!

Want to find out more, download this RESOURCE BOOK LIST.

For further information on Sandra and her 4-hour workshops in schools, kindergartens and community centres, please visit her website.

Links mentioned in the interview:

Centre against Sexual Assualt

Kids Help Line

Department of Human Services

Please help to continue educating parents and carers so we can educate our children. If you find this interview helpful please SHARE it!

Sarah xx