There are angels on earth and I truly believe Julie is one of them

Little Rockers Radio Interviews Julie Cini

In less than 3-years Julie went through the most harrowing of life experiences. She lost her first daughter, Montana, to Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) at 10-months of age. Whilst pregnant with her second child at 13-weeks her husband was tragically killed in a car accident on their farm. Her second daughter, Zarlee, was also born with SMA and lost her fight at 12-months of age on Christmas Day 2007.

From this experience Julie has gone on to establish SMA Australia which provides emotional and practical support to families touched by SMA, she has written a book titled 'Leaving Life Legacies' and the devastating life events led Julie to what she says is her "greatest personal growth!"

Julie is an absolutely remarkable woman. I was nervous before the interview as I didn't want to let her down through crying. I read her story a lot to try and 'toughen' myself up a little, however as you will hear it's impossible not to be touched by this lady and her story.

Julie now devotes her life to helping families with children with SMA and creating awareness around the genetic testing that can take place when you are first thinking of starting a family.

Julie's book is more than a story of her life and she documents 12 strategies that helped her to cope through her darkest days and these strategies can help anyone. $5 from every book sold goes to SMA Australia. You can purchase the book from Julie's personal web site.

SMA Australia is always in need of support. If you are able to help in anyway please visit the below:

"Live for today,
Be happy for today,
And continue to make a difference"
Julie Cini