Little Rockers Radio Interviews Noni Hazlehurst

I was touched by Noni Hazlehurst's speech at the Logie's and completely over the moon when I managed to get an interview with her.

Noni is an inspirational woman who cares so deeply for the health and happiness of our little ones. If there is one thing we take from Noni's Logie's speech it's that children are a blank canvas and it's important that we are aware that young pre-schoolers can not process the terrible news we are confronted with each and every day from every angle, in many cases we as adults also struggle to cope with its onslaught.

We need to shelter them from this news as much as we can and protect them as much as possible before they start school, when we start to have less and less of a say in what they can and can not be exposed to.

Take a listen to the interview here and hear about who Noni enjoyed working with on Play School, who inspires her in life and her career and her advice for us Mums making our way through the journey of parenthood.

Thank you Noni! Sarah x