Interview with Pinky McKay - Busting the Breastfeeding Myths

Sarah from Little Rockers Radio caught up with Pinky McKay to ask her for some breastfeeding tips for Mum's, breastfeeding myths like developing tooth decay and the social media trend she created, #whereareyoufeedingtoday.

Pinky's top tips for Mum's who may be struggling with breastfeeding...

1. Contact the Australian Breastfeeding Association

2. Call in a lactation consultant

3. Try lots of skin to skin contact. Pinky suggests Netflix and Chill!

To learn more about these tips, listen to our interview...


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Whenever I talk about breastfeeding I always like to say and remind Mums that a fed baby is a happy baby. If you are unable to breastfeed, don't beat yourself up about it.