Are your kids scared of things that go bump in the night?

Ex RAAF serviceman and single father, Dallas Lyons has penned this wonderfully creative book to help kids face their fears.

I caught up with Dallas to ask about his new children’s book called The Night Guardians: Protectors from all things scary.

This is a spectacularly creative story to help young children settle at night and face their fears head on! Based in the picturesque Alpine region of Victoria, Dallas has taken a family bedtime story he created for his own daughter and written a fantasy-like tale to help children everywhere to be protected from all things scary at night. By delving into a wonderful world of mysticism where samurai night guardians have a sworn duty to protect and serve those who activate them, he has crafted a tale which will be enjoyed by adults and children alike.

Dallas said, "This book is based on a tale I used to tell my own children when they were younger. No matter what, kids will always believe in scary things, and this short tale is a comforting, imaginative and fun way for children to confront those fears. The most enjoyable part of this process has been having the input from my own kids as they helped to "kid proof" it into their own language - a language that children or parents alike can read and understand. This book is the first in a series I have written and I am very grateful to Aly's Books for helping me to make this dream a reality."

Managing Director, Aly Walsh said, “It is always thrilling to come across an author as wonderfully creative as Dallas is. We are incredibly proud of his book and very much looking forward to the next instalments of this great night time adventure.”

As an upcoming author Dallas has been inspired by such writers as Raymond E. Fiest and Enid Blyton and hopes to turn this book into a three part series. He has also served in two tours of Afghanistan in the Royal Australian Airforce and has used his own experiences with bravery and courage to bring to life the themes of the book.

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