We’re changing...

It’s been 4-years since we launched Little Rockers Radio & we love entertaining kids with 24/7 music, nursery rhymes and more, we love encouraging movement through healthy programming, supporting families and offering entertainment away from the screen and we LOVE raising funds for Red Nose through the Little Rockers Red Nose Disco.

In 2017 we (our listeners, our partners, parents, carers and our little ones) helped to raise over $50,000 for Red Nose. This makes our hearts sing and now we’re taking our support to a whole new level…


Introducing our new social enterprise, Purpose Little Media.

We’re proud to be partnering with amazing charities, Red Nose, Share the Dignity & The Nappy Collective, 70% of our profits now go towards ensuring children are safe, healthy and happy. Something every child is sadly not guaranteed, but EVERY child should be!

We offer fun & healthy programming to kids through Little Rockers Radio (the same as before, but better), the Little Rockers Red Nose Disco (Friday 29th June), Kiddie Yoga 4 Dignity (Friday 31st August), trusted on demand playlists (coming very soon), 24/7 lullabies (coming soon) & childcare programs (launching June).

We’ve been built on a single idea... What if the power of thousands of Parents and Carers simply PRESSING PLAY could change the health of our future generations?

Now by simply pressing play you are part of the change… #PowerofPLAY

Here’s our model…


We support:

Red Nose:

Experts in keeping baby safe. Funds raised through the Little Rockers Red Nose Disco go towards research and bereavement services. 9 children in Australia die suddenly and unexpectedly every day. The aim: 0 deaths.


Share the Dignity:

In 2018 we are running the countries largest simultaneous kiddie yoga class to support Yoga4Dignity. Funds raised help children who are victims of domestic violence (there’s 1 million of them in Australia) access activities that many take for granted such as sports, swimming, dancing and more!


The Nappy Collective:

Imagine being a new Mum and struggling to afford nappies for your baby? It happens each and every day in Australia. Our profits go towards the supply of nappies to The Nappy Collective.


We will be sharing more on the wonderful charities we work with soon…

Purpose Little Media is proud to announce The Essential Baby & Toddler Show is a Founding Purpose Media Partner and we are officially launching at the Melbourne Show next week, 27th-29th April.