Look who's donning red noses in support of SIDS & Kids!

Red Nose Day is this Friday 24th June and many amazing people have thrown their support behind the campaigns this year including Amber Lawrence, Barry Du Bois, Brothers Three, Pixie Curtis and husband and wife team Jude & Lynette Bolton.

Everyone's support goes a long way towards helping to raise funds and awareness to help SIDS & Kids deliver on their mission... saving little lives & supporting grieving families.

I caught up with Lynette to ask her and Jude about their support for Red Nose Day!

It's great to see you both are throwing your support behind Red Nose Day this year. Tell us what Red Nose Day & the work of SIDS and Kids means to you?

We are both so excited to be involved with Red Nose Day this year. Every year over 3500 Australian families experience the sudden and unexpected death of a baby or child either through stillbirth or during the first month of life, from sudden unexpected death in infancy (SIDS or fatal sleeping accidents), SUDC (sudden unexpected death in childhood) or accident.

As parents of two healthy daughters we count our blessings everyday and we want to do anything we possibly can to bring attention to the incredible work that SIDS and Kids do for affected families through their research, education, bereavement support and advocacy programs. So many of these families are left with no answers as to why they have lost their precious little ones and everything that SIDS and Kids do as an organisation works towards not only reducing these deaths but making it just that tiny bit easier for the grieving families.

How are you showing your support for Red Nose Day and how can others help too?

The best way to support SIDS and Kids, and what we will definitely be doing, is to buy a Red Nose for Friday June 24th. And then get social! Take some pics and get the word about Red Nose Day and the amazing work that SIDS and Kids do out as far and wide as we possibly can.

People can also sell their own merchandise, volunteer to join the Red Nose Footsquad, hold their own fundraising or event or donate on the day.

People can also make donations, purchase SIDS and Kids baby wipes, purchase gift hampers and gift baskets through the SIDS and Kids website any day of the year.

You both headed into the Wiggles HQ recently for Red Nose Day photo Opps and recording IDs for Red Nose Day radio ads. The envy of every 4-year old! How was that and did you take your girls along with you?

Haha no we didn't. We didn't even tell them we were going because they would never forgive us for not taking them! If we had taken them there would have been zero work achieved as they would have just wanted to sing and dance with them all day. I confess that we have been the family that has spotted Lachie and Emma at the shops and chased them down the street to say hi ;)

You both seem very busy with commitments in Media, Football and Lynette with the Twenty Dollar Movement and upcoming launch of The Mindful Mumma. Tell us a bit about what you are up to and your plans for the future?

Footy season is always busy for us but Jude's media commitments are a great way for him to stay involved with the game now that he has retired. It also leaves him some invaluable free time during the week to spend with the girls.

The Twenty Dollar Movement is going along fabulously and we have almost registered 25K random acts of kindness which is great! I love seeing all the amazing gestures that people are performing all over the world.

And yes, The Mindful Mumma site is launching very soon! This is going to be a blog site and online community for modern, conscious parents filled with videos, interviews, recipes, meditations, yoga videos and lots of other fab stuff for parents! I cant wait to share it in July. You can find us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with all the launch details.

You can grab your red noses from Target or Big W or visit www.rednoseday.com.au

Thanks Lynette and Jude for your support!

Sarah xx