Water Safety!

We are a water loving nation and love to spend our summers at the beach, the pool or down by the lake.

I caught up with Marina from Kingswim to ask her about water safety, introducing our children to water and at what age we should be starting children in swimming lessons.

Here are some of my key takeaways from this interview:

Drowning is silent. A child can fall into a pool and drown within seconds, not minutes. It is super important that we teach our children how to be safe around water and number one, even when our children are confident swimmers, Supervision by an adult.

Start Young. Children can start to learn about water from birth. At bath time you can try prompting and conditioning, saying "Are you ready? 1, 2, 3..." before tipping a small cup of water over bubs head.

You can enrol children into swim classes (fun for bub) from 3-months old. Getting them involved early will build confidence around water and teach the fundamental skills to save themselves if they fall into a backyard pool.

It's not just the backyard pool or the beach! Children can get into trouble around dams, lakes, baths, buckets in the yard, fish ponds and more.

For more information on enrolling your children into swimming lessons, you can visit KINGSWIM.