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Music is such an important part of our lives and just as much for children!! There are so many amazing children’s artists in Australia doing wonderful things and dedicating their time to making our littlies jig, sway, dance, develop, learn, laugh, dance and sing… Two people who do this so well are Celia and Chris from The Kazoos.

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KI caught up with them a while ago and thought I would republish what they had to say…

We are a are husband and wife team Celia and Chris Hill, parents of two primary aged children, Stella 11 and Rowland 8. We have worked extensively in Australia, touring theatres and performing festivals and events and most recently we branched out with an international tour of in Singapore. 

Our kids sometimes tour with us and sometimes stay with family. We toured back in 2008 when our youngest was only 18 months old and the whole routine of the day was centred around his naps. Into the theatre at 8am to bump in, show at 11am and all packed up and into the van by midday and on the road for his nap. Lucky we had Nana with us!! These days when they come to shows they are much more actively involved and you will even see our oldest selling CD's and Kazoos after the show. 

There is talk about the kids taking on a role in the show. They are both very theatrical and study drama and singing but for now it's nothing too serious! 

The Kazoos show itself combines music and slapstick comedy designed for and loved by children. 

Little Rockers Radio: How long have you been doing this for?

The Kazoos: We have been at it for nearly ten years now. 

LRR: Why kids music? How did you start?

TK: We were both writing our own songs, in fact that is how we met. We were both gigging in the same bar, we met, started playing together and the rest is history!

LRR: What age group is your music for?

TK: We write specifically for the under 5 market, however kids as old as 7 and 8 love the music. 

LRR: How would you describe your music?

TK: Preschool music

LRR: What are the best bits about creating music for kids?

TK: It's fun and there is no risk of taking yourself too seriously

LRR: Why do you think music is important for kids?

TK: It's a huge part of a child development. Children learn through music. Children respond to music in such an enthusiastic way from a very early age. 

LRR: What’s coming up for the Kazoos?

TK: Be a part of The Kazoos new DVD filming at the Bayside Centre on 2nd July 2015. It's a Teddy Bears Picnic, so bring your favourite teddy and join in the fun!!

All proceeds from ticket sales and 51% of every DVD sold will be donated to orphans in South Africa!

Pre-order your DVD NOW and help us fund this project. To pre-order your DVD visit: 

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Venue: Bayside Church
99-101 Argus Street
Cheltenham, VIC 3192

Contact Details: Bayside Church 03 9585 2455


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