ABC Kids Justine Clarke on her Silly Songs Tour 2018 : Interview

Little Rockers Kids Radio caught up with ABC Kids Justine Clarke for a quick 3-minute chat about her Silly Songs Tour and why she loves making music for kids.

Justine is looking forward to sharing the joy of singing, dancing and all the excitement of show time on her 2018 Silly Songs Tour

Sarah from Little Rockers Kids Radio caught up with the lovely and entertaining Justine Clarke to ask her about the 2018 Silly Songs Tour.

“What I’ve been doing for the last 10-years really is encouraging kids to make music in any form, and particularly at my concerts to join in, to sing along, to dance, to be part of the show as much as possible but this year we made a call out to families to send in videos of their kids singing silly songs,” said Justine.

So we’ve played these (songs) throughout the shows, which just really celebrates how easy it is to make music. These songs are dotted throughout the show and of course we sing songs from the new album and all the past albums as well.”

Little Rockers Radio ran a ticket giveaway and one of our listeners was lucky enough to win a family pass to see the show in Melbourne at Hamer Hall on Sunday 23rd and said “It (the concert) was fantastic, she’s such a great entertainer, I think I enjoyed it just as much as my daughter.”

If you haven’t seen Justine Clarke live in concert, then it should go onto your kids entertainment bucket list! She really is fantastic, engaging and entertaining.

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You can check out the Justine Clarke Silly Song Tour dates HERE and find out more on Justine Clarke at her site HERE.

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