Let's get Rocking... How painted rocks are getting us outside!

You may have seen some recent media on the new painted rocks craze where kids are painting rocks, tagging them, hiding them in their local areas and getting outdoors to find other hidden rocks!

Part of a wider network led by WA ROCKS who have over 40,000 members in their WA Rocks group, the guys at VIC ROCKS are engaging the local community in the City of Glen Eira and Greater Melbourne in fun, fitness and creativity! Simply, they paint rocks and then hide them for others to find! It is open to everyone – young and old – to have fun and discover the beautiful parks around our lovely city!

Vic Rocks Craze Little Rockers Radio

Paint some rocks – rocks can be as simple or as fancy as you desire, use acrylic paints and on the back draw a Facebook logo and or #gleneirarocks, or #melbournerocks, seal your creative rocks with a clear matte finish so it can withstand the weathers, then venture out to a lovely park, playground or public place and hide them! You can add a post to their page to show the location and post a pic – they love to see your happy faces!

Get the kids involved - it is a lovely family activity, or join a group of lovely rock painters or just spend some quiet ‘you’ time to relax and unwind while you create your beautiful rocks!

Next – get hiding and hunting! Encourage the kids, or join in the hunt yourself or with a group of friends, or you are welcome to join one of the walking groups to get out and walk, enjoy the fresh air, meet other keen hunters and just have fun! Take the time to enjoy and take in the lovely environment. A great way to raise environmental awareness for young and old – bin any litter you see along the way!

So have fun planting your rocks for others to find and look for others that have been left by other Glen Eira and Melbourne Rockers! Take a few, but leave some for others to find.

You can take a few home if you or young rockers want to, but encourage them to venture out another day to another park to hide them again and keep the fun happening, or keep one and hide the rest seems to work for the little folk! Don’t forget to post your finds on the Facebook group page for everyone to see and enjoy!

Paint some rocks, Little Rockers Radio

This craze has spread through the US and NZ and now they want to have us Aussies on board! You have seen the recent ‘Pokemon Go’ craze go nuts, well this is a family friendly, ‘device free’ pastime everyone can enjoy!

Find VIC ROCKS here:


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