Uber for Nannies

Not your average babysitting directory

You can order everything online these days, including 'me' time!

Little Ones, dubbed 'Uber' for Nanny's is a new babysitting service due to launch later this year that provides childcare at the click of a button.

The new App, ready for launch soon, aims to provide instant access to child care for Australian Mums and families who need child care for an hour, an afternoon or a full day.

Founder Viv is a mum of three and knows the struggles of juggling appointments, work, social and family life. Viv came up with the idea of Little Ones for parents, "It’s about having some flexibility and not relying totally on grandparents or childcare centres, that don't always allow for unexpected appointments or flexible out of business hours," says Viv.

So how does it work & would you leave your children in care booked through an App?

Parents can jump onto their Little Ones app and see their closest carers (to date over 380 carers have registered), read reviews and request to connect (if they would like to interview the carer prior) or simply put in a carers request if they need someone to pop over.  

Little Ones doesn't just connect parents with long-term care options, certified caregivers can pop over for even just an hour or two — whatever your need! It’s as easy as ordering an Uber.

Founder Viv says safety is the number one priority, Little Ones has the same ‘minimum requirement’ standards for our caregivers as any child care centre in Australia. These include:

  • Current WWCC (Working with Children Check).
  • A certificate III, or higher in a related field.
  • The right to work in Australia

What do you think? Would you embrace a service like this?

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Find out more, or sign up as a caregiver at www.littleones.com.au