Little Rockers Radio is proud to announce our partnership with ModiBodi

Everybody LEAKS Sometimes

Helping with icky Leaks and Supporting Girls in Kenya

Yep, it’s the icky stuff that comes with pregnancy and after! Bladder leakage, boob leakage…

This is where ModiBodi enters the picture…

Kristy, founder of ModiBodi, discovered after her second son arrived something changed - she dealt with light bladder leaks for the first time.

Looking for a solution that made her feel comfortable and dignified just seemed to drum up disappointment after disappointment. Not only were the products on offer bulky and uncomfortable, they were disposable and wrapped in metres of plastic.

Kristy took matters into her own hands and began developing a sustainable product that would cater for people dealing with the same issues as her. Which, by the way, is about 4.8 million Australians and one in every two mums.

Today ModiBodi is voted the #1 Period Underwear & Incontinence Underwear Brand. From periods & discharge, light bladder leakage and weak pelvic floors to perspiration and pong, and pesky breastmilk leaks, they have got your back!

Little Rockers Radio is so pleased to partner with ModiBodi for a number of reasons, this Partnership will see us release a series of interviews on all those tricky topics from leakage and life after baby to when will my daughter get her first period?

What we love most about this Partnership is the support we can offer to One Heart Foundation and The Parentmedic Health Clinic.

One Heart Foundation is a 'for purpose' organisation that has a simple vision... to change the future of orphaned and abandoned children living in poverty in Kenya, and in turn see whole communities transformed through education, leadership, empowerment and most importantly – love.

One Heart care for 75 children in three homes and have recently opened their first primary school, as well as a skills training centre to help better equip the surrounding community in health, business and life skills training. 

It was the dream for One Heart to provide those using their services, and those in surrounding communities, with health care and education. With no easily accessible health service, One Heart invited Nataly Tormey, founder of The Parentmedic Movement to come on board as Health Strategic Advisor, and The Parentmedic Movement are actively contributing to the clinics provision of health services as One Heart Foundations clinic partner.

Little Rockers Radio special delivery of ModiBodi to One Heart

The ModiBodi partnership with Little Rockers Radio has seen 350 pairs of ModiBodi underwear sent to the One Heart village in Kenya to support the girls who simply don't have the access to sanitary items. A monetary donation also goes towards the Health Clinic with the goal of providing Womens Health Education at the Health Clinic.

Period Poverty in Kenya

This is such an important partnership and doesn’t even scratch the surface. Having your period is simply unaffordable in Kenya with two thirds of Kenyan women and girls unable to afford sanitary pads. People earn a few dollars a day and parents and carers need to decide if this money goes to basic food - bread, milk or a girl's sanitary items.

A 2015 study of 3000 Kenyan women highlighted how heartbreaking the situation is with Dr Penelope Phillips-Howard finding 1 in 10 15-year-old girls were having sex to get money to pay for sanitary items.

When items are not available they use other things at hand like chicken feathers and old rags. Obviously this is not the solution.

The ModiBodi underwear is easy to use, easy to clean and reuse. Plus it’s great on the environment.

L to R: Nataly (The Parentmedic Movement), Sarah (Little Rockers Radio), Dean (One Heart Foundation)

L to R: Nataly (The Parentmedic Movement), Sarah (Little Rockers Radio), Dean (One Heart Foundation)

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Don’t forget, this campaign is only possible because of you, our listeners. Every time you press PLAY on Little Rockers Radio to entertain the kids you are contributing to a bigger cause. The bigger the Little Rockers Radio audience grows the more awesome station partners, like ModiBodi, we will be able to attract and work with.

So, thank you.

Sarah xx