Grandparents helping to raise children

Many of us are fortunate enough to have the help and support from our parents, or parents-in-law, when it comes to raising our children.

Children who spend considerable time with their Grandparents are shown to have healthy self esteem and do well in social situations.

Babysitting (on occasion or regularly) by Grandparents is very common and great for kids to have that special 'spoilt time' with Nan and Pa. It can come with stressors however in the different ways we like to parent.

Today I caught up with Michael Grose from to chat about Grandparents helping with raising our children, or taking on the primary role of raising their grandchildren.

Take a listen here:


Michael Grose is one of Australia's top parenting experts and the author of 9 parenting books as well as a grandad himself.

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