Little Rockers Radio Supports National Children’s Week

‘Children have the right to reliable information from the Media’

Children's Week: 22-30 October 2016

Little Rockers Radio today announced they are supporting Children’s Week 2016 as an official Media Partner.

Children's Week, an annual event in Australia during the fourth week of October, celebrates the right of children to enjoy childhood. It is also a time for children to demonstrate their talents, skills and abilities.

We are so passionate about children growing into happy and healthy grown-ups that it just seems the perfect fit for us to be supporting Children’s Week,” said Little Rockers Radio founder, Sarah Morrissey. “In 2016 Children’s Week focusses on Children having the right to reliable information from the Media and Little Rockers Radio was created specifically for children, to be a trusted Media Platform that’s perfect for little ears, so we are very excited to be a part of this annual celebration.”

Each year, thousands of children and their families around the country get involved in activities and events during Children’s Week, through the participation of schools, playgroups, childcare, kindergartens, cultural groups, libraries, departments and community groups.

We are delighted to be working with Little Rockers Radio and to have their support of Children’s Week in 2016,” said Margie Berlemon AM, President, Children’s Week Council of Australia.

The mission of the Children's Week Council of Australia is to encourage, support, guide co-ordinate and monitor the widest possible participation of all States and Territories in Children's Week, ensuring that programs and activities are open to all children regardless of race, colour, sex, ability, religion, nationality or social origin.

Universal Children's Day, celebrated during Children’s Week in Australia on Wednesday 26th October, calls society to a greater response to the plight of many millions of children around the world who are denied the basic necessities of a happy childhood and the education to develop their capacities. It also calls us in Australia to consider those conditions in society which affect the lives and future of our own children.

Children’s Week will kick off on Friday 21st October in Adelaide. Stay tuned for lots of great activities happening in your area.

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