Little Rockers Radio and fun-key yoga come together to support Yoga4Dignity with a special yoga class on-air

On Saturday 2nd September Yoga4Dinigty will bring Australian women together to Share the Dignity whilst at the same time opening their hearts and touching their toes to raise money to give dignity back to the 48,000 homeless women in Australia.

Namaste - fun-key yoga on Little Rockers Radio

It is the GOAL of organisation Share the Dignity for 48,000 Women, Men and Children to practise YOGA across the country as we all unite for #Yoga4Dignity.

Little Rockers Radio is supporting Yoga4Dignity in helping to reach this target by running a very special fun-key yoga class on-air on Saturday 2nd September at 8am. “Everyone at Little Rockers Radio is completely passionate about children’s health and supporting Mums and Women in Australia, so jumping on board to support Yoga4Dignity was a no brainer,” said Sarah Morrissey, founder Little Rockers Radio. “We run the fun-key yoga classes on-air daily at 2pm so the extra class on a Saturday morning that’s perfect for children from ages 2 up and their Mums and Dads will be a great way for our little and big listeners to start the weekend.”

Jenny Wilkinson owner Hey Dee Ho Music and fun-key yoga agrees, “The benefits of yoga seem so obviously perfect for children. By using yoga poses within a storytelling format with uplifting music, & encouraging children to be animated & to have fun, you engage them both physically & mentally & introduce them to what will hopefully be a lifelong love of Yoga. If we can do that and help homeless women at the same time – well it’s just a given”

Both Little Rockers Radio and fun-key yoga are joining a number of ambassadors supporting the campaign including Rebecca Gibney, Janine Allis and over 400 yoga instructors around the country who have generously donated their time and skills to also run classes on the 2nd September at 8am.

Children, Mums and Dads can all switch on Little Rockers Radio on Saturday 2nd September at 8am to take part in a special 10-minute yoga through the Jungle.

“Taking part in the class is a great way to have fun and move together and also gives parents the chance to start an age appropriate conversation with their children about how not all women are in the same fortunate position as we are,” said Sarah.

Mini Yogi’s can listen through the desktop players or download the iOS / Android Apps, iHeartRadio or TuneIn Radio.